Papa and the Gingerbread Man: by Arthur Cola


Papa and the Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man gives his approval to the author of this delightful tale which will introduce children to the magic and meaning of Christmas while presenting early American History as well. All this is presented with brilliant full page color images and large print text. The Telling of the classic tale is set in the 21st Century with an adventure in America’s oldest city. It begins when Papa receives a call from his grandchildren. They want to invite the famous cookie man to their school’s Christmas party. Not wanting to disappoint them, Papa embarks on an adventure. He finds and chases the Gingerbread Man throughout St. Augustine, Florida where the cookie man is on a vacation. In the process the magic and meaning of Christmas unfolds before your child’s eyes as they seek to find the Gingerbread Man in the story page images.