Murder in the Vatican by Arthur Cola

Murder in the Vatican final front cover 2020
The third book of the De Cenza Murder Mysteries

Murder in the Vatican by Arthur Cola

The Second Vatican Council meeting in the Eternal City of Rome is about to open the windows for the ancient Church. While that fresh air is about to fill the world with hope, along the banks of the Tiber River a shocking attack is taking place. It is one which will bring to light a plot set shortly after the end of World War II rocking Italy to its foundations. That attack is being viewed by two Council assistants from the Apostolic College studying for the priesthood. As they are watching from atop the Castel San Angelo, in the Roman Forum a group of protesters seek to bring down the government and the Church in order to establish a new world order. In the Piazza San Pietro at the Bernini Fountain two young women meet a man bleeding into the crystal clear waters.

And so begins a new mystery for Ron De Cenza and Bob Wentz to solve. Only this time their duo is enlarged to not only include that fake Southern Belle, Susan, whose heart belongs to one of the seminarians, but also Ron’s sister. Jan De Cenza has come to Rome for her college studies.

Join them on their quest which takes them from Rome to the Southern Alps in Switzerland as they encounter theft of Vatican treasures, a plot which rivals the assassination of the Romanov Royal Family of Russia, blackmail and murder.

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