Murder in the Abbey

Murder in the Abbey is Book One in Arthur Cola’s new series called the De Cenza Murder Mysteries. The proof of the book has been sent by Austin Macauley Publishing and has been approved. During this time of staying at home perhaps a story with the thrill of a chase, a chilling tale of blackmail and murder, the intrigue of finding the truth, the luring attraction of a young man to a dazzling Southern Belle despite his vocation, hidden desires and a bit of nostalgia is just what we need to enliven our days. The book should be available on Amazon/Kindle and through Barnes and Noble Bookstores and online in a few weeks.

Murder in the Abbey v2 Final cover (1)2020
Murder in the Abbey is the first book of the De Cenza Murder Mysteries Series.

Murder in the Abbey back v3 (2) final dpi 300