Murder at the World’s Fair by Arthur Cola

Book Two of the De Cenza Murder Mysteries

The Vatican has given permission for one of its greatest treasures to be exhibited at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. As America prepares to receive one of the most revered works of art in the world, others are planning for the greatest heist of the century. Into this mix of celebration and theft planning come two buddies, Ron De Cenza and Bob Wentz who are studying for the priesthood. With them is a girl from Georgia, Susan Liguri, who is attracted to one of them. Together they find themselves searching for a dead body, matching wits with a police detective, trapping mobsters, spying in the United Nations and finding justice for a murder victim and an accused murderer.

“Murder at the World’s Fair” will have you rubbing elbows with diplomats and prelates, escaping the clutches of henchmen out to kill, uncovering a secret love, witnessing faith come to life, entering the realm of the underworld, revealing plots, clues and true identities while combating rage which turns the white Carrara marble red with innocent blood.